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Testing solar cells designated materials

A solar simulator is a device that provides illumination that emulates the natural sunlight. By employing such a device, we are able to conduct tests and characterizations of solar cells designated materials in a controllable indoor testing facility. Photoconductivity studies are hence carried out in our lab with the aid of a setup that comprises a LOT-Oriel LS0308 solar simulator incorporating an ozone free 300W Xe arc lamp (featuring an integrated electronic shutter) and a Keithley 6487 Picoammeter and Voltage Source. The LS0308 is a 40mm diameter field solar simulator. Its lamp is an UV light source equipped with a UVB/UVA dichroic mirror which turns the output by 90°. For spectral output shaping purposes, the mirror reflects the 280 to 400 nm spectral range while reducing the VIS and IR output of the lamp. By using an AM1.5 filter, the associated standard Sun spectrum is attainable. The Keithley 6487 Source is deployed for obtaining the I-V characteristics of solar cells under light and dark conditions. The whole setup is automated and controlled by computer.